Learn a language in 15 minutes per day

A Better Way to Learn

Would you like to join others learning a language with an ultra-modern method that is tried and tested and very successful? Where you can see your progress from day one and be sure you remain on track for success? Where the focus is on building real language ability rather than repeating stock phrases? Where every ounce of wasted time has been cut away? And where your language learning can fit your schedule?


Learning a language is a big job. Experts estimate it takes roughly 600 hours to reach conversational fluency. That is two years of learning for 50 minutes per day. Total Fluency students achieve as much in just 15 minutes per day for one year. Progressing faster and being able to say more sooner is key to remaining motivated and building confidence.


The Total Fluency program is a blend of app-
learning and lessons designed so that you can complete your daily learning any-time and any-
place, whether that’s whilst you drink your morning coffee, or during your daily commute. Lessons are just 15 minutes long, short enough to fit into even the busiest schedule. Lessons are available via Facetime, Skype, Zoom or at our office in Shoreham-by-Sea.


The Total Fluency program has eliminated boring verb tables and grammar rules and the frustration experienced by students who after years of lessons still cannot really speak the language. By teaching the way a mother teaches, by example and without judgement. You will see progress daily, and experience sentences flowing naturally allowing you to really enjoy speaking the language you are learning.

Choose the right program for you

Language Learning for Busy People

For busy people who don’t have time to waste or need a flexible schedule. Whether you’re learning for love, work or fun, you will be able to communicate with confidence and ease in your new language in just 12 months, by committing only 15 minutes per day.

Better Grades, Less Stress

For language students who would like to improve their grades, reduce time required for homework, or eliminate performance anxiety. The Total Fluency Program is extra curricular and only requires 5 minutes per day. All students will see grade improvement within a term.

English Classroom Readiness

For international students the two most important things when joining a new school are understanding your lessons and making new friends. In this 100 day program, (whatever the starting point) the student will achieve the necessary English language skills to achieve both in just 1 hour per day.

Nadine Palmer

“Biggest like was empowered to input your own stuff. I’ve used Total Fluency for over a year now starting from scratch. I liked the way I was fed an introduction to the language. Later I enjoyed being empowered to input my own vocabulary and discover a course that I could integrate with the app. I have learned over 4,000 words and phrases in 18 months which is roughly equivalent to an ‘A Level’ in around 30 minutes per day. The stress free and positive experience of learning this way has empowered me and made me an autonomous learner.” Nadine Palmer, Brighton
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Laurie Beddows

“I enjoy the convenience of dipping in and out of the app, it’s amazing how many words you can get learn whilst waiting for the kettle to boil!” Laurie Beddows, Brighton
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Mother of Fred

“My 4 year old son Fred could choose his own words to build into the app, choosing things we could see on our way to school, making his learning fun and building great associations with the words we learnt. At 4 Fred was learning 2 per day, over the year keeping up with the learning of a GCSE student.” Mother of Fred (4), Shoreham
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“I didn’t like French at school before I used the app, but soon after I started using it I quickly got to the top of my class and really started to enjoy the language. I’m also now taking Spanish, and loving that as well!” Evie, Guildford
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“This App is great even for us over 60’s, found it very easy to use & it’s fun too, found the quiz side most helpful.” Sylvia, East Sussex
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