Nadine Palmer

"Biggest like was empowered to input your own stuff. I've used Total Fluency for over a year now starting from scratch. I liked the way I was fed an introduction to the language. Later I enjoyed being empowered to input my own vocabulary and discover a course that I could integrate with the app. I have learned over 4,000 words and phrases in 18 months which is roughly equivalent to an 'A Level' in around 30 minutes per day. The stress free and positive experience of learning this way has empowered me and made me an autonomous learner." Nadine Palmer, Brighton

Laurie Beddows

"I enjoy the convenience of dipping in and out of the app, it’s amazing how many words you can get learn whilst waiting for the kettle to boil!" Laurie Beddows, Brighton

Mother of Fred

"My 4 year old son Fred could choose his own words to build into the app, choosing things we could see on our way to school, making his learning fun and building great associations with the words we learnt. At 4 Fred was learning 2 per day, over the year keeping up with the learning of a GCSE student." Mother of Fred (4), Shoreham


"I didn’t like French at school before I used the app, but soon after I started using it I quickly got to the top of my class and really started to enjoy the language. I’m also now taking Spanish, and loving that as well!" Evie, Guildford


"For me the beauty of the system is the words learn themselves, all I have to do is commit 20mins a day, oh, and have an open mind!. My friends in France all commented on the improvement I’ve made over the past year" Neale, Guildford


"An amazing use of modern technology! Personalised learning is catching on fast and once you have used one of these systems you will understand that there is no going back." Gerry, Scotland


"Finally a system that actually works, that delivers learning at a rate I’ve never experienced before, and that gives you genuine long term recall and fluency. And with it in my pocket at all times, I can use those everyday moments that are otherwise wasted, to learn a complete language! It’s so quick and easy!" Oliver, Guildford


"I’ve been learning new languages for a number of years. I’ve found that the key to being understood and understanding is having a broad enough vocabulary to recall words instantly. Total Fluency gets to the heart of this problem by making sure you learn and remember new words, and it does that far more quickly and efficiently than any other method I’ve tried." Robert, Haslemere


"I’ve been using the Total fluency app for eighteen months. It’s a highly efficient learning system, rather than a dictionary or language resource. I find it encourages me to use it every day, and importantly, whether I’m spending five minutes a day on it or twenty-five minutes, I’m learning new words and phrases and retaining them. It’s a fantastic system, and whether you’re a beginner like me, a multi-lingual speaker who wants to brush up on a language, or a student revising a subject, I highly recommend it." Jon, Hove


"Learning with the Total Fluency app is easy and uncomplicated, packed with content, well designed and encourages the user to dip into learning on a daily basis. I love it’s simplicity and method. My learning progress is far more effective than any language course I have ever studied." Maggie, Shoreham


"I have had the opportunity to utilise Total Fluency personally and with students. The system has proven itself to be the most effective and efficient tool at helping retaining information that I have found. It has proven especially effective for vocabulary, formulas and sequential processes. It’s algorithm allowed me to maximize the retention of a lot of information while minimizing the investment of time. The App puts the advantage of a powerful learning technology into the palm of your hands." Kurtiss, Teacher, Calgary


"Simple, easy to use, and it works!" Cate, Hassocks


"I not only particularly enjoy including the Total Fluency app in my daily routine, but positively look forward to the whole learning experience the app brings. I love your support (“not being made to feel silly”) and in fact so delighted with it that I recommended you to my daughter who is now living in Spain for a while and anxious to improve her Spanish. I have tried other well known apps but yours knocked the socks off them on all counts." Janice, Surrey


"This App is great even for us over 60’s, found it very easy to use & it’s fun too, found the quiz side most helpful." Sylvia, East Sussex


"After several attempts at learning Spanish, I finally feel that I am getting somewhere. The app has such a unique way of brain training and the extra gift is that you always feel good about your learning. When I left my ipad at home I decided to install duolingo on my phone so that I would continue to keep up my learning, however after 2 days I uninstalled it, as I felt a complete failure every time I got something wrong! What a contrast to Total Fluency, which is such a positive way to learn." Gemma, Menorca


"I have been using the Total Fluency method for a few months now and I have been amazed with how much my Portuguese has improved in a very short period of time. The amount of vocabulary I have retained would take years to learn in a traditional language class. Bruce and Chrissi’s enthusiasm is really infectious and they are always there to provide support if needed." Alex

Jonathan, School Principal

"Mr. Balmer is a person of exceptional motivational qualities; his witty and invigorating speaking style is captivating; his capacity to develop ideas and look afresh at old problems is equally impressive." Jonathan, School Principal, Shropshire


"Here are some of the results I have encountered by implementing your learning strategies: I home schooled my daughter from Feb - May 30/98. We covered the entire Grade 4 curriculum in 3 months using AB Distant Learning material for Language Arts and Math. She was required to write a 2 hour final exam for both. I broke down the curriculum and used your strategies to prepare for these exams. A registered teacher at Sylvan Learning monitored the exam and the exam was sent to Edmonton to be marked. The results were: Math ½ hr - 96%; Language 1 hr - 94% (this test included writing a story with 4 topics to choose from). I have used your methods with my twin boys, grade 3 and have been tested for the gifted school. They tested 2 years above grade level in all three categories. The ironies is they were over 2 months premature and have had physical delays and some speed delays and we had been advised there would be a high chance of brain and academic delay. I tutored a Grade 4 student at a public charter school last year and he was tested a grade 1 reading level. I tried your memory strategy as an experiment on this student for an upcoming Social Studies test. 100% retention within a four minute overview. I am grateful for being exposed to your strategies on using the brain in the most effective and efficient manner. The greatest reward is seeing children have the opportunity to influence their academic achievements" Holly, Calgary, Canada


"His innovative techniques for learning significantly changed my academics, which has impacted my whole life. I have been awarded a scholarship for the highest mark in the Science and Technology faculty of Mount Royal College, along with being placed on the Dean's list with a GPA over 3.9 and accepted into Chiropractic College. The amazing this is that I am performing at a near 90-100% level at school at much lower stress level because I don't have to cram for exams, since I have near total recall of the content." Luke, Calgary, Canada

Sue, Head of Sixth Form

"Feedback has been most encouraging . I have rarely known our students to be more excited by anything to do with work. In fact I know that some even told their parents about it!" Sue, Head of Sixth Form, Manchester , UK

Tim, Deputy Headmaster London, UK

"Bruce's influence was virtually instantaneous as Iain found purpose, direction and an entirely new determination to succeed. He gleefully declared: "I now know how to learn things" as he watched almost in disbelief as his moderate essay marks shot up and his multiple choice marks began to exceed the merely average. His A grade was, I believe, the direct consequence of his vastly improved attitude which, in turn, followed directly from his contact with him." Tim, Deputy Headmaster London, UK  


"Your presentation concerning motivation, confidence and technique was enlightening and amusing. Teachers would benefit from it." Chris, Head of Careers, Bristol, UK


"I have used the knowledge gained in both the courses together with your book "Training the Mind to Remember" and applied them to my degree in Mechanical Engineering. My results in a set of finals were two grades higher per subject." Robert, Surrey, UK


"As a result of the six one-hour sessions I have gone from the bottom of my French set to the top in about a two-month period." Michael, Surrey, UK


"I would like to record my thanks for the two-day retreat you recently completed. Looking after our company's training direction as well as a Regional Sales Operation is a very time and energy consuming business. Our two days away enabled me to focus on the key issues of the future and I have returned in a stronger position to make further advancements." Paul, Edinburgh, UK


"We really enjoyed Bruce's presentation. I think people can understand and appreciate the uniqueness to his approach. As a former school administrator I really could see that his approach to problem solving would be useful." Gordon, Leadership Chairman, Calgary, Canada


"Several delegates said you were the most original speaker they have heard for a long time and we will certainly be in touch with you regarding further speaking engagements for the ASP." Lee, UK


"Your presentation was by far the high point of our meeting and a fitting finale to some of the more technical sessions. You captured the imagination of our delegates with your insights and theories on competitive advantage in a very informative and entertaining manner with a presentation style that couldn't have been better." Dave, Toronto, Canada


"Your style of communication enabled us all to relate to the points you were making, and I think that you have made shrewd observations about real life (and real people) in a way which most "motivational" speakers I have listened to have not. A fundamental common sense shone through which made the learning points very accessible to us." Mike, Oxford, UK


"Our Association has put on Sales Congress events for years and I personally feel your presentation was the best. I would gladly recommend you for speaking at any of our associations." David, Calgary, Canada


"It has been quite an experience and I know that I couldn’t have made anything like the progress I have without your app. It has been a complete joy right from the start and still joyous all these months later. I’m in France for Christmas and it’s so nice to feel as comfortable as I do being able to be understood and of course to mainly understand other people when out and about." Janice


"Your presentation to my Area Sales Team was superb. To present to a group of over 100 sales people and not receive a single criticism must prove both the quality and effectiveness of the talk. In fact, since the meeting I have received several calls of congratulations and asking me whether or not it is my intention to re-engage you in the future. For my part, I am looking at ways in which we can use you in both your public speaking role and also in your role as a "teaching facilitator" with a number of key groups within my organization." Phillip, Surrey, UK


"Your presentation was superb and I have had nothing but positive feedback from the sales managers within the region. I know that many of them will be booking you for future meetings and I am confident they will not be disappointed." Michael, Derbyshire, UK


"There was a lot of practical application in your ideas and I will be surprised if my associates don't benefit commercially from the experience of having spent time with you." Graham, Bedfordshire, UK


"Bruce Balmer's book "Training the Mind to Remember" is full of sound practical advice, wisdom and insight. It is the fruit of his own experience, written by someone who practices what he preaches. Written in a lively style, it is both exciting and challenging. More than just another book on memory, it deals with other areas of life including personality development. Reading it could revolutionize your life: it is likely not dramatically to increase your efficiency but also to alter your philosophy of life." Elizabeth, London, UK


"As an MBA graduate and more recently, a graduate of the Superman program, I can only state unequivocally that had I completed the Superman program prior to commencing my MBA, my life at University would have been considerably more pleasant! The MBA program is an avalanche of information, not all of it particularly relevant to success in the program. The ability to sift through this information with the skills and process acquired in the Superman program would likely have cut my study hours in half! The sheer volume of unnecessary information MBA students are subjected generally leads to a seventy-five hour study week. As a result of the Superman program, I now know this is totally unnecessary. Fortunately, the value of the Superman program has an equally superb applicability in the work world. My ability to manage large volumes of information, retain an amazing amount of corporate data has stood me in good stead. I would highly recommend your program to anyone who wishes to function with ease and confidence in an environment where large amounts of diverse information must be assimilated and retained. Your unique ability to present the Superman program made the entire experience simple, easy to develop strong skills and highly enjoyable. Just to update you on my long-term results with using his method; after one year I still remember 90% of the data, so it does work. The subjects I chose were French and Geophysics, and this month I reviewed 600 facts which I had not seen for over 6 months (one hour's work in half a year), to give the 90% success rate. I think if I followed his "optimum review cycle" a little more closely I would achieve 95% retention, which is what Bruce said to expect.....nowadays I am just not prepared to forget 90% of what I have learned." Deb


"The two subjects that Bruce Balmer was engaged to teach were "Speed Learning and Retention" and "Accelerated French." We were thoroughly satisfied and delighted with his instruction, which has provided a dramatic increase in the learning rate of our employees who use his system and at least a tenfold improvement in their ability to permanently retain information. This provides Ocelot with a tool to increase the value of our training budget by an order of magnitude!" Alan, Calgary, Canada


"I find the learning skills that are offered in that session unique, innovative and a breakthrough in terms of new learning methodologies. Your personal capability, knowledge and talent in delivering the training also enhance the power of such learning." Dan, Calgary, Canada


"Bruce is one of the most engaging and provocative people I've ever met. His "Superman Project" presents an unparalleled opportunity to rebuild one's foundation with four cornerstones - learning, thinking, habits and culture. A basis from which one can pursue excellence, continuous improvement and enrichment of one's life. For those of us who are lifetime learners, this is definitely the course to take!" Tony, Calgary, Canada


"The SuperMan Project has provided me with the ability to learn and retain new information, change habits and generate creative solutions to problems. These are skills that provide me with tremendous advantages in both my professional and personal lives. Change is inevitable in our lives and the faster I can adapt to change; the faster I can take advantage of it. The SuperMan Project has given me the skills to do just that." Alf, London, UK